Did your team deliver Wow on International Day of Happiness 2015

I wrote most of this email last year - to mark last year's International Day of Happiness. And while this morning's grey London skyline resulted in a somewhat underwhelming eclipse experience it's tie with the coming of Spring, a further visit to FHP's super Dental Practice in Gwersyllt and the marking of this year's Day of [...]

Is your Dental Practice open this Saturday? 6th December is @SmallBizSatUK

Small Business Saturday - the Independent Businesses' Black Friday I appreciate that a number of us may be near the brink of our shopping breakdown threshold with the email avalanche that has become ‘Black Friday’ or ‘Cyber Monday’. But this particular American import is one that I’m thoroughly in favour of. Those that know me [...]

New Patients seem Sexy. Current Patients are Profitable.

Track your patient leaks - and plug them For some reason when talking about Business growth there’s a tendency to think of new patients – it just feels more sexy. Trust me though that it is a great deal more profitable to invest the same time and money on winning the loyalty of your current and sometimes forgotten [...]

Reach November’s Super Practice Goals

As tomorrow is the beginning of a new month (one that leads us from cosy dinners to last dash shopping and party season) I thought a quick reminder of your Practice business development goals might be useful. We are, after all, already a month into Q4 and as such you should be more than 75% of the way to [...]